I can feel it coming from afar.  It is so strange, this process, this journey.  Sometimes I am aware of Maya all day, little things stand out for me; a beverage, a website, a flower, anything that has some faint memory, they all are triggers on some days.  Today was one of those days.  I could feel the wave coming all day.  I could feel its inevitability, and I prepared for it all day, knowing I needed to be in a safe space when it arrived.  It is the ultimate lesson in mindfulness for me, just being with the feelings, not judging, not analyzing, just watching as they roll in, crush me, and recede.

Cape Cod

Maya at Cape Cod, 2014
All I can do is watch, and roll with it.  And get up again, and wait. No more, no less.




One thought on “Waves

  1. Whenever one of your posts lands in my inbox, it is usually the first thing I read,
    I look forward to them.
    It helps me feel closer to you and this journey you (we) are on, and I look forward to the pictures of Maya, eager to discover new images of her, or see ones I’ve already seen, again.
    This one,
    in a place we share so many memories together……

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