Two Maya’s


From across the ocean she calls me to come, do her work
Maya Devi what shall I do with my feeble efforts
I will do what I can, my best, only my true self will I bring to you
It was your death that brought a new era long, long ago

From close to home, she calls me too
My Maya beckons in every moment
To be noble, to be kind, to be good, to care
To live anew, from the ruins of the past to build someting new

Just the same, they are just the same
Did you know that would happen, either of you
Did you understand that the ground would shift beneath his feet
Did you understand the tectonic shifts you left under mine

Maya Devi you left in joy, in love, in peace, willing
You left so another could be born, so another could be among us
You gave a gift to cherish, a gift of wisdom and love
A gift welcomed and adored by countless

My Maya, you left in pain, suffering, escaping what is
You left so you could be free, that is all, simply free
You left a wake of despair, loss, suffering, so much pain
A gift abhorred, resisted, hated for its cruel origin

That is my work
To take the gift I abhor, and receive it like he did
Take the earth I walk on and let it fall away










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