Tap, Tap, Tap

Six hours after my last post, I was awakened by the tapping of the yellow bird. This time the bird was at Maya’s bedroom window, tapping vigorously on the glass.  I went into Maya’s room and sat on the floor and watched this beautiful creature fluttering outside the window, tapping with it’s beak on the glass. I sat for a long time watching it, listening to the rhythmic tap, tap, tap.  Just smiling. Watching.  Breathing. Thank you, little yellow bird, for awakening me today.

Summer Camp Note

Note From Maya, Left Before Summer Camp in 2010



6 thoughts on “Tap, Tap, Tap

  1. Dear Mathew. Maya knows of your love and commitment to her. She always knew and she has sent her beautiful messenger to assure you that she still knows. Her bond to you and Elise was always strong and she will keep sending you peaceful and loving signs that you are forever with her.

  2. You know, Mathew, that photo of the note Maya left for you in 2010 is now true forever: “I hope you enjoy yourselves even without me here. Sending love, Maya.” Poignant beyond words, but also true. Wishing you many unexpected moments of enjoyment.


  3. I am hoping the tapping brings you a bit of solace. I had a “bird tapping on the window” experience after my mother passed. It was bitter-sweet, and poignant. Sending love, Cindy

  4. When my sister died, and we were gathered at my parent’s house, and reading her suicide note, it was a cloudy still September day. As we read, the tree outside the house began – I have no other words for it – hurtling acorns on top of the roof. It was so dramatic and unexpected and out of the ordinary of course we ran to the doorway to look out, and there, looking up, we found a beautiful rainbow.

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