I knew the moment was coming, I felt it in my soul, I saw it in your eyes right away. Your words were so sweet, so deep, so resonant. You know, you know, what it is like. Your story, your loss, is profound, like mine; there we connected. You understood the futility of words, yet you tried anyway.  Out of love, out of caring. You took a moment, for me. I was seen by you.  

“Tell me.” That is all it takes to melt me.  Those two simple words are pure love, pure caring.  Each time you say it I feel held, I feel protected, I feel like I am not so alone. How do you keep giving?  I wonder, always wonder. And you listen when I answer you, listen and reflect, always gentle and understanding, but not afraid to challenge or question.  Just love. We saw each other.

In the mirror you watched with love.  I felt it from the back row, in your smile, in the wide sweep of your arms, in the dance of your limbs.  I was not so alone in that moment; thank you for welcoming me into this strange place.  Everyplace is strange now; but this place was safe. I thought back to another life long ago. How innocent we all were, with our young babies, before all this. You saw me then too.


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