When you left I was so angry, so very angry, how could you do that
That has faded, now there is only love for you

When it rained on your grave I noticed the patterns in the dirt
They meant something to me at the time, something profound

When I sit beside you now I can smile sometimes
Each day I carry you in a different way

When  it stormed I listened like I never had before
I heard like I had never heard before, listen, listen

When I pass our spots I remember, always I remember
The stories, ice cream, music, chocolate, books, all of it

When the bird came I felt your presence, let me in  you said
Again and again you were smashing into the glass

When I saw that smile again, oh how that hurt, that smile
I think I miss that most of all, those eyes, that smile

And yet you are here somehow
Always and forever
With me, in me, around me
In the rain, in the dirt, in the storm
I let you in again



Vermont, 2014



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