Dear Maya,

In one week I will begin another journey, a venture to Nepal to begin your work there  in earnest, to realize your dream.

My intention is to  bring your love to others.  I will carry that love with me. I am the vessel bringing your spirit to a far away land.  Will I find you are there waiting for me  already, smiling as I begin this journey?

I will share your story there, laugh, cry, love, and leave a bit of myself there with you. Maya, I am so used to thinking a certain way; you have made that duality impossible. I once lived in black and white.  Now the world is in full color.  So many hues and shades, so many variations. Can I thank you for that without anger?  Can I take it all in even, or is it just too much to bear?

Love you and miss you. Thank you for the gifts.



3 thoughts on “Nepal

  1. Thank you for continuing to share this journey with all of us.
    I took all of you with me to India and I will hold all of you in my heart and consciousness while I am on my retreat in Hawaii with
    Ram Dass, which is taking place at the same time that you will be in Nepal.
    When we return I would love to share with you one of my experiences in India that I believe got woven into your family’s journey.

    Much Love for now and throughout Eternity,

  2. Dearest Mathew,
    I heard about the trip…I remember when you all came back from your trip there and Maya talked about her commitment to helping that orphanage…Sending you love and and stored away Maya smiles to bring with you.

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