Dear Maya,

In the heat you were present, with love and compassion, watching me
You brought others along as guides, to help me along my path
Those trusted friends, old and new, so dear to me
You brought them from beyond, along with
Buddha, Creator, Great One, Jesus, Yahweh and all the others

In the icy river you flowed around me
The birds fluttering, the sting of the fly
I floated in your current, was held by you, buoyant, light

In the sweat I prayed for joy again
Just a moment of peace, a laugh, a smile
I heard you were free, and that made me happy
Are you free
I wish that for you

The love, so real I can taste it, smell it, feel it
The love, so real I can touch it all around me

I wonder about your friends Maya
Are you helping them too, along their paths
I hope so, pray so, please yes do so
They need you too

I need you now
I love you always
I miss you still

You are with me still my little one



Love and Knishes

At Yonah Schimmel’s knishes, 2012


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